Perhaps a post?

Hrm. I’m still prodding the idea of yet ANOTHER pen/stationery/paper/office supply/art supply blog. Just what the universe needs.

However, these are things I love and I believe I have different views on the aforementioned things than any other blog I’ve run across so far.

Plus, I have excellent penmanship, which is QUITE the rarity in the pen blog world. Soooo tired of illegible pen/ink tests where you can’t read the writing sample.

There’s also very little consistency or actual scientific methodologies for reviews in this venue. And an over-representation of either white male thirtysomethings or super hip chicks, with a smattering of emo artists. Lots of store/seller blogs as well. One independent blogger now works as a pro blogger for a pen company. Niiiicely objective there.

I dunno. I’m not sure I’m super unique in my preferences, but I am different from the current pen/stationery bloggers that are crazy particular about their writing instruments (I use M nibs happily on my fountain pens, no EF snobbery here) or are psycho about their Douane paper (I actually like lots of paper & even generic notebooks god forbid) and I’m a graphic designer — not a head-in-the-clouds artist, steampunk enthusiast or rabid letter-writer.

Maybe I’m being too cranky and nitpicky here but whatevs. I’ll just be me and attempt to write about the shit I dig. I am certainly not a writer and I dig on lots of crazy stuff so we’ll see where that goes.

First (topical) post: an overview of what’s in my bag(s) and what I’m doing my list writing on at the moment, as well as the journals & planners I’m using right now.

One of my super old pencils. From fourth grade. It’ll get it’s full post in due course.


About subgirl

Graphic designer by trade, office supply addict by admission, eternal hermit by action.
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