I’ll just put this here. NOTD & storytime.

Actually *finally* was well enough i painted my nails.

Essie Tour de Finance.
A bright-ass pink with fine bluey-purple shimmer. Plz ignore phone pic and desert-like cutes. I blame the mono.


So I got this as a replacement for Orly Oh Cabana Boy that I gave to my former downstairs neighbour. She was having crazy issues (I know now that is her status quo), had ooh’ed over my bright-ass pink mani with it (and Nubar 2010 over the top, talk about BRIGHT) and she needed a bright-ass pink pick-me-up. So I gifted it to her (no biggie, Orly is @ my local CVS & OCB is always available). She was suitably uplifted and I was now without that particular kind of bright-ass pink.

Essie helped out by having one in their spring line so I grabbed that one.

I am kinda totally obsessed with this particular pink because it is the same colour as my most-favourite polish ever as a kid, but that would *never* work right for me. I don’t remember any brand names, but it was cheap at Claire’s in the mall. I would wear this pink (despite the bubbling), wet n wild black and wet n wild blue (the ONLY blue out there – at Walmart in Oklahoma in the mid 80’s). I would wear it either pink-black alternating nails or pink on one hand, black (or blue) on the other (with coordinating jelly bracelets on the wrists). This would prompt my grandfather to 1. ask if I smashed my (blue or black) hand in the door and 2. make fun of me for having to use a different colour to tell my left from right.

Now both the black and blue are both easily acquired and I’ve had better versions for years, an they’re even “in” or actually “normal” colours now. But this pink? Still obnoxious as hell bright ass pink. 😀

I love that at 32 (ugh) I can finally have the (nice) mani I wanted at 7 and it still has that eye searing factor. Now I just need to re-dye my hair pink and I’ll be set. I even have the jelly bracelets and converse to match.

This Essie is so much better than that nameless Claire’s crap. Smooth and not gloppy, none of the bubbles or peeling (yet). Not sure how much of my previous issues were caused by being 7 and how much was the NP. Oh well. BRIGHT ASS NAILS.

One last neon pink anecdote: I always admired the nails of my friend Carrie H. in 6th grade, long nail beds, nice squoval tips, and she always rocked this pink. I won’t ever have her nails, but I will ROCK THIS PINK. \m/

Oh and sometimes I’d get really bored and do stripes or squares. Heh. If only I had the tape tutorials on the nail board!

I’m going to try a tape mani once I get tipwear (for what I have as tips). I’ll post how that goes. 🙂

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Perhaps a post?

Hrm. I’m still prodding the idea of yet ANOTHER pen/stationery/paper/office supply/art supply blog. Just what the universe needs.

However, these are things I love and I believe I have different views on the aforementioned things than any other blog I’ve run across so far.

Plus, I have excellent penmanship, which is QUITE the rarity in the pen blog world. Soooo tired of illegible pen/ink tests where you can’t read the writing sample.

There’s also very little consistency or actual scientific methodologies for reviews in this venue. And an over-representation of either white male thirtysomethings or super hip chicks, with a smattering of emo artists. Lots of store/seller blogs as well. One independent blogger now works as a pro blogger for a pen company. Niiiicely objective there.

I dunno. I’m not sure I’m super unique in my preferences, but I am different from the current pen/stationery bloggers that are crazy particular about their writing instruments (I use M nibs happily on my fountain pens, no EF snobbery here) or are psycho about their Douane paper (I actually like lots of paper & even generic notebooks god forbid) and I’m a graphic designer — not a head-in-the-clouds artist, steampunk enthusiast or rabid letter-writer.

Maybe I’m being too cranky and nitpicky here but whatevs. I’ll just be me and attempt to write about the shit I dig. I am certainly not a writer and I dig on lots of crazy stuff so we’ll see where that goes.

First (topical) post: an overview of what’s in my bag(s) and what I’m doing my list writing on at the moment, as well as the journals & planners I’m using right now.

One of my super old pencils. From fourth grade. It’ll get it’s full post in due course.

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Hi there.


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